Prevent expensive battery degradation, maintain charge and power devices on board. A compact and lightweight silent operation with fully enclosed rotor blades for greater safety.



Go off grid but remain connected! Enjoy the luxury of charging your phone all the time from a full powerbank, connect the powerbank up overnight and charge your phone the morning after.

Campervans and Caravans

Compact portable and safe solution for keeping your batteries topped up whilst parked or on site. Lightweight, quick to pitch and silent at all times.


The ruggedized outer casing enables our 5V low power unit to be carried in or on your backpack enabling 5V charging on the go. Charge your powerbank through the night ready for the next day.


Spread the load: add turbines for home device charging, reduce the quantity of USB sockets throughout your house and charge with the wind.

Beach Huts

Equip your beach hut lighting, power and USB in one easy step, keep snapping beach pics all day and partying all night without the worry of flat batteries.

Garden Office

Free up space in your home by taking your garden office off grid with a 12v system, keep your office lit all year round and add an inverter for easy device charging.


Sheds are useful: they are doubly useful when equipped with electricity. Add a turbine to your shed with 12V/24V power supply enabling lighting.


Wind turbine powered garden lighting solutions, a range of interchangeable light strings and outlets for the garden including waterproof USB.

Stables and Out Buildings

Quiet power generation for our PIR lighting solutions. Add light and 12v power to areas where no mains cables are connected, saving on infrastructure simply puts power where you want it with no mains or wires.


Batteries are expensive: take the guesswork out of battery depletion by using our charge controllers directly to your battery to maintain charge over long periods or use as a lighting solution for the garage, indoors and out.

Remote Power Solutions

Power in the middle of nowhere with no maintenance. Simple, rugged, all plastic construction designed to survive extreme wind speed and weather conditions.

Battery Charging

Our single and double turbines are designed to trickle charge 12v & 24v battery systems. Select from PWM or MPPT charger for all wet, gel and dry batteries.

Street Lighting

Connect a lighting load to our MPPT controllers and enjoy the time set Street Light option, perfect for illuminating business premises, car parking & walkways.


Simple, small scale irrigation for remote water storage with a single or double turbine when connected to a battery and pump.