Single Wind Turbine


Low speed quiet wind turbine. Operating from 2 knots of wind and generating up to 30w in 13m/s.

Self lubricating bearings and stainless steel fittings on all parts.

Features + Benefits

  • Quiet running
  • Low wind speed startup
  • Safe enclosed blade system
  • Multiple mounting options – Pole Not Needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust and durable plastic construction
  • 2 Year guarantee on mechanical & electronics components


  • Durable UV resistant ASA plastic casing
  • Direct drive alternator
  • 2.5Kg total weight
  • Double bearing stack – Low maintenance bearing
  • Integrated electronics regulator
  • 12V & 24V options
  • Victron 12/24v 5A PWM charge controller included Click Here For Victron 12/24v 5A
  • 10m of 3 core marine grade wire + 2m red and 2m black DC leads with battery ring crimp included




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The GIGA turbine has been developed to provide optimal generative capacity in all wind conditions. The simple design is the result of several years of research and development which focused on producing the most efficient wind scavenging power generator.

The aerodynamic profile of the rotor blades captures even very low-levels of wind, allowing generation of electricity to start at wind speeds of 2-3 knots. The enclosed rotor blades produce very low noise levels, even when running at maximum RPM.

GIGA is constructed from premium, proprietary blends of UV resistant plastics resulting in an attractive, long-lasting device. The generator is entirely contained within the casing, resulting in a simpler, more reliable device. The GIGA is direct drive with no gearing. Double bearing stacks minimise rotor friction, optimising generative capacity under any wind load conditions. The result is a robust device capable of operating across a wide range of environmental conditions.

GIGA has been designed with a whole life-span environmental cost-to the-planet philosophy. There is no aluminium or bronze utilised in its construction and the only metals used are the magnets, coils and stainless steel fasteners which secure the device. At the end of its life, the generator mechanism can be stripped out of the turbine and all elements are 100% recyclable.

GIGA reduces risk! Having an enclosed rotor eliminates the potential for the accidental impact posed by having open rotor blades. The turbine can be removed quickly and stowed.

Weight 3 kg

12 Volts, 24 Volts

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