Remote Power Solutions

Wind Turbines as a Remote Power Solution

If you need power in the most remote of places our portable wind turbine kits provide you with an effective and safe source of power. Our remote power wind turbine kits are simple and rugged. Because our remote power wind turbines are all plastic, rust no longer needs to be a consideration.

Street Lighting

Connect a lighting load to our MPPT controllers and enjoy the time set Street Light option, perfect for illuminating business premises, car parking & walkways.

Stables and Outbuildings

Quiet power generation for our PIR lighting solutions. Add light and 12v power to areas where no mains cables are connected, saving on infrastructure simply puts power where you want it with no mains or wires.


The ruggedized outer casing enables our 5V low power unit to be carried in or on your backpack enabling 5V charging on the go. Charge your powerbank through the night ready for the next day.