Marine Use

Marine Wind Turbines for Boats & Yachts

Being on the water is where extra power can make a difference, a big difference. Our marine turbines will help maintain better battery life, power other devices on board a yacht and, importantly offer you peace of mind. The design of our marine wind generator is the result of years of intensive research and development. Because the propellers are enclosed you can enjoy both unparalleled safety as well as extra power when you need it most. Our portable marine wind turbines enable power to be generated at wind speeds as low as 2-3 knots.

Conveniently, the turbine can be removed from your boat safely. We have a wide selection of marine wind turbines for sale from 12-volt turbines to larger 24-volt double propeller turbines. Thus delivering a reliable source of power for your boat, as well as unparalleled safety.

Campervans and Caravans

Compact portable and safe solution for keeping your batteries topped up whilst parked or on site. Lightweight, quick to pitch and silent at all times.


Go off grid but remain connected! Enjoy the luxury of charging your phone all the time from a full powerbank, connect the powerbank up overnight and charge your phone the morning after.


The ruggedized outer casing enables our 5V low power unit to be carried in or on your backpack enabling 5V charging on the go. Charge your powerbank through the night ready for the next day.