Caravan Use

Campervan and Caravan Wind Turbines

Spending time in the great outdoors connects you with nature, but sometimes, don’t you wish you were connected to a reliable source of power as well? Our portable wind turbines for campervans and caravans are reliable, easy to pitch and safe.

Our wind turbine kits for campervans and caravans are quick to pitch and silent. We’re confident that our range of portable 12 and 24-volt wind turbines for caravans and campervans are the most effective portable power solution on the market.


The ruggedized outer casing enables our 5V low power unit to be carried in or on your backpack enabling 5V charging on the go. Charge your powerbank through the night ready for the next day.


Go off grid but remain connected! Enjoy the luxury of charging your phone all the time from a full powerbank, connect the powerbank up overnight and charge your phone the morning after.


Prevent expensive battery degradation, maintain charge and power devices on board. A compact and lightweight silent operation with fully enclosed rotor blades for greater safety.